3d Characters

Canti Sama, from the anime FLCL.

Canti Sama, from the anime FLCL.


Gadanthara – Detail front

Gadanthara – Detail back

Poster Man

Poster Man – Back

Poster Man – Detail


A collection of characters I did in the 4 past years.
For all of then I did the RIG, texturing, shading and the majority of modeling.

Some of then (Gadanthara and Poster man), the base mesh was made by other artists, but where heavily modified and detailed by me. The artists in question are: João Paulo (for Gadanthara) and Diogo Coutinho (for Poster man).

The character design of Gadanthara and Poster Man are by Eduardo Damasceno.
Peacock Pavo originally designed by Luis Gadea, designs used for the 3d moddel by Eduardo Damasceno.


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